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Staten Island Radiation Oncology treats most body site cancers with advanced technology that minimizes radiation exposure to nearby, uninvolved structures.  This allows for more precise delivery of high radiation doses to kill the cancer for better outcomes with increased patient safety.  Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) allows our physicians to “sculpt” the treatment to conform to certain cancers.  With RapidArc, the treatment time is just a very few minutes, so that involuntary motion on the treatment table is reduced.  We have On-Board Imaging (OBI) as well as Cone Beam CT Scanning (CBCT), two forms of IGRT (Image Guided Radiation Therapy) that we use daily before each treatment delivery.  This ensures daily treatment accuracy, refining the exact area to be treated every time.  In this way, impact on daily life is kept to a bare minimum, while the cancer is treated for very best results possible with radiation both short and long term.

Staten Island Radiation Oncology’s physicians are the New York experts specializing in:

Base Of Tongue Tumors Treatment

Bowel Cancer Treatment

Bladder Cancer Treatment

Brain Tumors Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment

Cervical Cancer Treatment

Endometrial Cancer Treatment

Esophagus Cancer Treatment

Floor Of Mouth Cancer Treatment

Hodgkin’s Disease Treatment

Kidney Cancer Treatment

Larynx Cancer Treatment

Lip Cancer Treatment

Liver Cancer Treatment

Lymphoma Treatment

Nasal Cancer Treatment

Nasopharyngeal Cancer Treatment

Pancreas Cancer Treatment

Parathyroid Cancer Treatment

Pediatric Cancers Treatment

Penile Cancer Treatment

Pharyngeal Cancer Treatment

Prostate Cancer Treatment

Rectal Cancer Treatment

Sarcoma Skin Cancer

Spine Tumors Treatment

Stomach Cancer Treatment

Testicular Cancer Treatment

Thyroid Cancer Treatment

Urethral Cancer Treatment

Vaginal Cancer Treatment


Radioactive seed implants for prostate cancer are also available here.

For more specific answers about our facility in regard to your care, or that of a loved one, please call (1-718-351-9750) to schedule a consultation.

As always, we do appreciate your interest.

Physicians and Staff of Staten Island Radiation Oncology
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