Helpful Cancer Information Links


Man on computer looking up cancer informationA cancer diagnosis requires proper education in a short period of time. Having the right resources to help you become familiar with your condition and what treatment entails, is a vital first step which is why we have included the helpful cancer information links below.

National organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the American Society of Clinical Oncologists can help you get started. All of the sites below provide information about various cancer types and treatment options, as well as helpful resources for patients, families, caregivers, and survivors. The American Cancer Society can also help connect you with chapters in your area, while the National Cancer Institute has detailed information on clinical trials.

Cancer Support Groups:

Cancer support groups are available for patients, caregivers, friends and family in our area. For more information about the Cancer Support Community in your area, visit

Cancer and Careers:

At Staten Island Radiation Oncology, we understand that you life does not slow down just because you have been diagnosed with cancer. In fact, many people continue to work during and after their treatments. The Cancer and Careers website has helpful tips on everything from how to break the news to employers and coworkers to dealing with other stresses at work. Cancer and Careers is also an excellent resource for caregivers, friends and family members of cancer patients. For more information visit

The American Cancer Society:

The American Cancer Society website is an excellent multi-lingual resource for patients and caregivers; for healthy living tips, treatment & support information, and volunteer opportunities.

The American Cancer Society Road to Recovery Program is an excellent program for patients who need rides to and from treatment. The program is also a great way for cancer survivors to give back. Visit to learn more.

American Brachytherapy Society RTOG:

Cancer Research Group

NCCN Guidelines

American Cancer Society

National Cancer Institute

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