Radiation Therapy in Staten Island



Radiation TherapyRadiation therapy, or radiotherapy, uses ionizing radiation produced by a linear accelerator (linac) to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. The radiation passes through the body and delivers dose to the affected area while minimizing dose to the skin and tissue it passes through.

Although the radiation affects both cancer and normal cells, it has a greater effect on the cancer cells, damaging their genetic material and making impossible for these cells to continue to grow and divide. Treatment aimed at cure will give the highest possible dose of radiation to the cancer area (within safe limits) to attempt to kill all the cancer cells. Sometimes smaller doses are used, where the aim is to reduce the size of a tumor and/or relieve symptoms.

Electrons are used to treat skin cancers and other superficial lesions, as they are absorbed by the first few centimeters of skin, leaving very little dose to pass into the body. Radiation therapy is used to both cure disease and alleviate the symptoms of cancer. There are also a number of non-malignant conditions that are treated using radiation therapy.

At Staten Island Radiation Oncology we have adopted the most advanced therapies available. In the hands of our outstanding team of physicians, physicists, nurses and support staff these technologies offer patients a wide range of options and treatment plans. Our treatment teams work closely with your physician to achieve your best outcome.
Please contact Staten Island Radiation Oncology for sound medical advice. We proudly serve the Staten Island, New York area.

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